g-orgeouslyy: your blog is amazing! sorry to disturb you bby, but I'm new to tumblr. is there anything you could do to help me gain followers? I only have 15 :( x

You have such a lovely blog,  I like quite a few of the post and I am actually going to queue them now for my other blog too!
I don’t know how to get you any followers sorry, but I hope some of my followers go and check your blog out.

I followed! xx

hot-desk: Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! x

Teesh you are lovely!

  1. I like my eyes, everything about them is pretty neat.
  2. my bottom lip is kinda cool.
  3. I have mermaid hair that is so easy to maintain, I wash it once every two weeks or less
  4. I am incredibly open minded and willing to talk about everything but don’t insult me or make bigoted remarks. I will call you out on that shit.
  5. I do not give up. No matter how bad something is I push through and I am still here.
    I will always push through and I will always be strong in the end.
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